Congratulations to Future Fly board team rider Amado Vrieswijk - NB20, the new PWA Freestyle World Champion

Zulu Power Box Carbon Windsurf Fin
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The Iklwa is a incredible design for a fast predictable ride. Great speed and glide, yet the outstanding quality is it's control. In  choppy water, control is speed and although the Ilkwa is perhaps not as fast as our specialized racing fins it is a first choice for absolute control..The control factor comes from a unique design and composite layup which allows you push your limits to your full potential and not worry about your fin. The unique manufacturing method has provided the ability to provide an affordable slalom / freerace fin. The Ilkwa is well priced yet is in no way a inferior race fin.. Built to last with a standard Zulu 6 months warranty, With attention to detail the fin has a incredible finish. The IKLWA is an excellent slalom fin and has the maneuverability and comfort of a freerace fin. Using 75% carbon and 25% glass we have created a smooth powerful ride with excellent lift to get your board flying high above the water. With this incredible control you can reach your best speeds.

......"The Iklwa was a short spear used by the Zulu".......