UNIFIBER Complete iWindSUP set Oxygen 10'7" FCD - 20 PSI Max + Compact Rig + Paddle + Leash Demo

UNIFIBER Complete iWindSUP set Oxygen 10'7" FCD - 20 PSI Max + Compact Rig + Paddle + Leash Demo

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  • Complete WindSUP set - just inflate the board, rig the sail and go to the water
  • Allround board with very wide range of use
  • Durable aluminium paddle
  • Rig fits into compact bag
  • Grippy, comfortable deck pad
  • Set includes backpack, leash, pump and repair kit

UNIFIBER Complete WindSUP set Oxygen FCD 10'7'' + Glide Rig


  • Board size: 10'7
  • Sail sizes: 4.5

Complete WindSUP set ready to go to the water. The set includes an Allround WindSUP board, compact rig, a durable aluminum paddle and a set of accessories to make your life easier.

The board, paddle and all accessories fit in the backpack. The rig fits into a bag. The compact dimensions when folded make this set a perfect travel companion. It easily fits in any car's trunk. In addition, it takes up very little space in your garage and fits even in a wardrobe.

Main set components

UNIFIBER Complete WindSUP set Oxygen FCD 10'7'' + Glide Rig - WindSUP board Oxygen 10'7 FCD

WindSUP board Oxygen 10'7 FCD

The Oxygen iWindSUP combines the best of both paddling and windsurfing experiences.

High volume and an all-round outline make the Oxygen a friendly board for recreational paddling.

If the wind picks up, the Oxygen iWindSUP features a baseplate insert to convert the SUP into a windsurfer. A special Friction Platform around the insert safeguards against over-tensioning the baseplate.

To improve upwind sailing performance a centre fin may be fitted.

The Oxygen iWindSUP is available in two constructions. The Single Layer version can be pumped to 15 psi. These are light weight and well-made boards with standard performance. The Fusion Composite Dropstitch version can be pumped to 20 psi. These boards have a more direct feel and are super stiff for the best possible performance.

Board is equipped with pump and backpack - essential accessories for transporting and preparing gear to session.

UNIFIBER Complete WindSUP set Oxygen FCD 10'7'' + Glide Rig - WindSUP Rig Glide

WindSUP Rig Glide

Explore the joys of windsurfing anywhere you like!

Designed to be as compact as possible, the Glide rig fits into any car boot to make it the perfect partner for an inflatable board. When derigged, its components are neatly stored in the sturdy padded bag.

The sail profile is shaped and optimised using 3D CAD software. On the water, the Glide sails smoothly and remains stable even in gusty winds.

Ideal for holidays and spontaneous day trips. With Glide, if there is water, you can windsurf!

UNIFIBER Complete WindSUP set Oxygen FCD 10'7'' + Glide Rig - SUP Paddle Energy Aluminium 3-piece

SUP Paddle Energy Aluminium 3-piece

Developed as an all-around paddle, the Energy model is ideal for beginners or those going for durability.

With its convenient 3-piece setup, the paddle easily fits inside the iSUP bag.

The entire shaft is coated with EVA. This makes the Energy paddle very comfortable to hold as well as protects the board from accidental dings and scratches.

All Unifiber paddles feature an anti-twist system to keep the blade and shaft perfectly aligned.


Size Length (cm) Width (cm) Thickness (cm) Max reccommended weigh (kg) Volume (l) Weight (kg) Fin box Baseplate mount Discipline
10'7 323 84 12 95 266 10.30 US-BOX Insert Allround/WindSUP

Rigs for 2023, we only carry the 4.5 rig.  Other rigs available at extra costs

Size (m2) Luff - mast (cm) Boom (cm) Mast carbon % Mast diameter  Boom grip diameter 
1.5 222 107 Epoxy RDM 26 mm
2.5 293 134 Epoxy RDM 26 mm
3.5 338 165 Epoxy RDM 29 mm
4.5 380 185 Epoxy RDM 29 mm
5.5 418 202 Epoxy RDM 29 mm


Min length Max length Shaft material Blade material Blade area Shaft diameter Shaft finishing Weight
170 210 Aluminium Nylon 545 cm2 31.5 mm EVA Foam Grip 1.10 kg