Future Fly Board has announced major changes to the shapes of its mid-range slalom boards, the Dark Horse 107 and 117, in addition to minor changes to the Dark Hors 97.  The 122 and 132 get the new awesome paint job but remain unchanged for 2022.

The Flying Camel foils are also seeing major changes to the 145 and the 187.  In fact, those two boards will be the foiling board offer for 2022.  

The Yellow Fish wave boards, and the Freebird freerides remain unchanged for 2022 while the Tamado gets a cool new paint job.  See the website for more details on each of the boards.  

The other big news for 2022 is that we are getting Loftsails in the store.  The order of new sails should be on its way as we write this note.  We have opted to go with four models for the 2022 season:

  • Racingblade - Race sail
  • Oxygen - Freeride
  • Skyscape - Foiling
  • Purelip - Wave

The sails are on the site now.  If there is a Loftsail model you would like that we do not carry, reach out to let discuss how we can order it for you.

Our introduction of Unifiber gear in 2021 was very successful and we are increasing the range or products in the store.  You will find new:

  • Aluminium and carbon booms and mast bases
  • Harnesses
  • Fixed and variable length harness lines
  • Screws, washers

Our partnership with Zulu fins continues and we are excited to introduce the new Umbani Evo2 Slalom fin and the Vuma Weedrace G-10 fins to North America.  

Finally, check out the store for new and unique items like our new Tuttle to deep Tuttle fin adapter or our boxes of windsurfing screws and washers.  

For more information see the website or message us at Windforce Sports.

May the wind be with you!

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