Loftsails Skyscape 2022
Loftsails Skyscape 2022
Loftsails Skyscape 2022
Loftsails Skyscape 2022
Loftsails Skyscape 2022
Loftsails Skyscape 2022

Loftsails Skyscape 2022

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The 2022 target for the Skyscape design was to introduce a lighter, animated freeride foil sail, but to also retain impressive strong wind performance.

The design was completely revised by removing its three cambers. This allows the sail to rotate more easily in the tacks and gybes. With greater rig control freeride foilers can concentrate on their flight.

Elimination of the cambers resulted in an accumulated weight reduction of 10% for smaller sizes and up to 16% for the larger Skyscape designs.

A higher luff curve makes the sail softer and with a slightly elastic feeling when compared to 2021.

To balance the low drag of the hydrofoil, the aspect ratio of the Skyscapes has been further increased. The boom and head batten length reductions deliver improved stability and control in flight.

Although designed for performance foiling, Skyscape 2022 is fully compatible with slalom windsurfing -ultra-friendly, effective and fast on a fin!

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Skyscape 7.0


By losing its cambers, the Skyscape is no longer limited to racers who are fans of blocked profiles but is open to freeriders who love performance. Simplified, the Loft still offers juicy navigation while gaining freedom of driving. The lively but accessible rig will appeal to freeriders who are not reluctant to performance with notions of piloting by optimizing the placement of the sail.


Sail Specifications

Description  Size  Luff  Boom  Vario Top  Extension  Cambers  Battens  Recommended Mast  Weight 
Skyscape 5.8 Orange 2022 5.8 m2 444 cm 184 cm Fixed 14 cm 0 5 Team Edition 430 4.27 kg
Skyscape 6.4 Orange 2022 6.4 m2 464 cm 196 cm Fixed 34 cm 0 5 Team Edition 430 4.5 kg
Skyscape 7.0 Orange 2022 7.0 m2 482 cm 204 cm Fixed 22 cm 0 5 Team Edition 460 4.64 kg
Skyscape 8.0 Orange 2022 8.0 m2 522 cm 210 cm Fixed 32 cm 0 6 Team Edition 490 5.34 kg
Skyscape 9.0 Orange 2022 9.0 m2 548 cm 224 cm Fixed 28 cm 0 6 Team Edition 520 5.62 kg