Loftsails Oxygen 2024
Loftsails Oxygen 2024
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Loftsails Oxygen 2024

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Debuting in the year 2000, Oxygen has established itself as a proven and reliable freeride sail with a rich legacy.

As a true freeride sail, Oxygen is designed to simplify the sailing experience. It is easy to set up, accelerates quickly, and delivers impressive speed on the course. With the center of effort focused around the rider and smooth power delivery, once in motion, Oxygen naturally falls back into a committed stance.

However, behind its apparent ease of use lies a true freerace design that can rival the performance of dedicated cam-equipped sails.

The luff curves and leech of Oxygen are meticulously configured to provide a higher range of trim reactivity. This reactivity is key to the sail's expanded performance, allowing it to deliver both low-wind slalom grunt and sleek performance in stronger winds.

To further enhance its upper-end potential, all Oxygens feature tubed batten systems typically found in competitive designs. Selected batten specifications have been revised to provide a more prominent foil-oriented drive.

The natural wind range of Oxygen is already wide, but it is further expanded with the inclusion of two clew eyelets. The upper eyelet above the cross batten powers up the sail for light wind conditions, while the lower eyelet below the cross batten allows for depowering in significantly stronger winds.

Oxygen doesn't compromise on build quality. Just like its previous iterations, all sizes are available in two construction variants. The standard option features 3.5 mil exterior panels, a monofilm central window, and bi-ply upper body panels. The HD version takes it a step further with 3.5 mil exterior panels, a 4 mil xply central window, and 2 mil quad-axial upper body panels.

Description Size  Luff Boom Min  Boom Max Vario Top Extension Cambers Battens Recommended Mast
Oxygen 5.3 Orange HD 2024/2025 5.3 m2 412 cm 170 187 Vario Top 12 cm 0 6 400
Oxygen 5.8 Orange HD 2024/2025 5.8 m2 426 cm 182 199 Vario Top 26 cm 0 6 400
Oxygen 6.7 Orange HD 2024/2025 6.7 m2 460 cm 194 209 Fixed 30 cm 0 6 430
Oxygen 7.0 Orange HD 2024/2025 7.0 m2 466 cm 198 217 Fixed  36 cm 0 6 430
Oxygen 7.3 Orange HD 2024/2025 7.3 m2 474 cm 202 223 Fixed 14 cm 0 6 460
Oxygen 7.8 Orange HD 2024/2025 7.8 m2 488 cm 214 235 Fixed 28 cm 0 7 460