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Dark Horse Slalom Carbon Madness 117 - 2022

Dark Horse Slalom Carbon Madness 117 - 2022

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The supreme size of our line has a whole new shape improved and revised top to bottom.

The 117 is now significantly faster, gybes better, and most importantly, is more comfortable, and easier to ride than ever before.

Some of the key features are:

  • Slightly wider at 30 cm from the tail, leading to improved pointing, and comfort.
  • Lower rocker at 150 cm from the tail point, combined with more V leads to improved speed, planning, rapid exit out of turns, and overall comfort.
  • Thinner and narrower nose for better aerodynamics and control.
  • Rounder rails at the mast track area for fantastic tight and safe carving while gybing.
  • Slightly wider wide point leads to am more harmonious outline helping comfort and control. Aggressive triangle tail cut-outs allow pure speed, grip, and correct lift. Unmatchable metallic finished paint job.
  • Foot strap plugs – double plug anti-twist power system.

Remark – accurate tail cut-out testing was performed measuring clean water exit and flow. To achieve this, the team uses ‘’on board’’ and drone cameras, water flow programs and physical testing at the FF custom factory.

Board tested by Arnon Dagan and Tati France in various water conditions from flat to waves and chop.

Results – the harmonious outline and control features combined with aggressive super-fast tail cut-outs make the DH 107 and 117 unstoppable racing machines!


WEIGHT 6.6kg
WIDTH 72.5cm
LENGTH 228cm
SAIL SIZES 6,5 – 8,6
(Perfect for 7,0 – 8,6)
BOX Short Tuttle


6,5 to 7,5 – 36, 37 ZSLM S – or CF S-
7,5 to 8,5 – 36, 37, 38 ZSLM S – Or CF s-
8,5 to 9,0 – 38, 39, 40 ZSLM S –

The numbers above are a guide and can vary depending on your weight.


All Future Fly boards are developed with and powered by Z fins and foils. That means you choose to purchase our boards with the matching Z fin or foil for an additional cost.