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Zulu Vuma Weedrace G-10
VUMA Weedrace Fin G-10 - Pre-Order Only

VUMA Weedrace Fin G-10 - Pre-Order Only

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A super fast and controllable slalom fin for use in weed or shallow venues.  Incredible lift to drag enables serious speed in weed or shallow conditions.

Outline:   Elliptical
Sizes:  20cm to 38cm in 2cm intervals. Generally you would select a Zulu Weedrace fin +-6cm smaller than a conventional slalom or Freerace fin.
Rake: 44 degrees increasing towards the tip.
Base Fitting: Powerbox or Tuttle

Construction:  Premium quality CNC milled G10.

G10 is is a tough resistant material that will endure harsh treatment and elements. 

This fin is offered in a variety of sizes, boxes, and stiffness.  Call or write for more information.

The Zulu Umbani fin is available for pre-order only.  Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

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